New York Times, May 23, 2013

Watchcase Factory, Sag Harbor, NY: “From what will be the rooftop terrace of a penthouse at the transformed Bulova Watchcase Factory here, the sweeping views of church steeples, Main Street shops, Perconic Bay and the port of this historic maritime village resemble a William Merritt Chase landscape painting.”


The Architects Newspaper, July 15, 2013

Watchcase Factory, Sag Harbor, NY: “From ruin to revival, the watchase development returns a blighted corner of Sag Harbor to life. “People tried for decades to figure it out,” Beyer (Jack Beyer of Beter Blinder Belle) said. “A lot of people in town just stopped looking at the building. Now it’s something the community can be proud of.”

Interior Design, April 2011

The Mondrian Hotel, New York, NY: “The story begins in an enchanting garden, where an ivy-draped entry tunnel lures guests up a long ramp that ultimately deposits them at the hotel’s glass tower…”